DMT Meditation Music
Richard composes his music for two styles of meditation: Mindful Listening Meditation and Nada Yoga; and Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditation. These two styles are similar in that they both incorporate brainwave entrainment technology, but they differ in how the music is created for each specific purpose. Either style can also be used by body workers, massage therapists, energy workers, or music therapists.
Mindful Listening / Nada Yoga

Mindful Listening music is composed to be used as a sound immersion experience. During sound immersion sessions, you lie down or sit comfortably and mindfully listen to the different sounds, rhythms and tempos of the music.

Mindful Listening is the ability to be aware of, and consciously enter into, sounds and music by focusing your awareness on the preent moment while calmly accepting thoughts, feeings, and body sensations without judgement. When your conscious awareness is focused on the sounds and music you entrain with that sound. As your inner reality entrains with the sounds and music, your consciousness and inner awareness expands and your "rational/objective" mind becomes an aware, yet passive, observer. This opens the possibilities for healing due to a change in consciousness that creates a sense of balance and harmony with the Universe.

Yoga Nidra / Guided Meditation

Music for Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditation differs in the way the music is composed. Instead of any single instrument being the focal point, it is infused with a specific pattern of brainwave entrainment that takes the listener through different stages of awareness. Beginning in the Beta state, it takes you down through Alpha, Theta, Delta, then back through Theta, Alpha, and into the normal awake state of Beta.

The five healing meditation CDs are each 45 minutes:

     Head, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

     Neck, Shoulders, Arms

     Lower Body

     Whole Body

     Kundalini Activtion